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Pet Oral, Airway & Neck Surgery

At Riverbend Animal Hospital, we perform a variety of oral, airway, and neck surgeries to keep your pet in good health.

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Pet Oral, Airway, & Neck Surgery

Cleft Palate Repair

We most commonly perform this procedure in young animals between three and six months old to help prevent aspiration pneumonia in animals with this condition.

Oral Tumor Removal

This procedure is performed to remove invasive oral tumors, which would re-grow with less aggressive surgery.

Stenotic Nares Repair

This procedure opens the nostrils of short-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs with trouble breathing.

Overlong Soft Palate Resection

Excess soft palate occurs frequently in brachycephalic dogs. When severe, it can result in choking, gagging, and even airway obstruction. Resection of the excess soft palate relieves this.

Everted Saccule Removal

Another problem for bulldogs, pugs, and other brachycephalic breeds occurs when the saccules behind the vocal cord bulge into the airway, obstructing breathing. We remove these surgically.

Arytenoid Lateralization

This is a surgical procedure utilized to relieve laryngeal paralysis. Laryngeal paralysis is a condition of older large-breed dogs in which the airway paradoxically closes down when the dog inhales.

Permanent Tracheotomy

This is a procedure for dogs with irreparable upper airway disease or trauma.


This surgery is for the removal of thyroid tumors.

Salivary Mucocele Repair

Salivary mucoceles result from an injury or obstruction of a salivary duct. Repair entails removing the injured or diseased gland and duct.