Great news! Dr Reagor has returned to Riverbend full-time! We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting new clients and, to better serve our community, offering same-day appointments, including urgent care services.

Small Mammal Services

We are here to help your animals live happy, healthy lives!
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Small Mammals

We’re happy to take care of many types of pets for Hadley and surrounding areas. Small mammals require the same amount of care as cats and dogs. You have to clean a cage regularly and learn your pet’s special behavioral needs, so sometimes, they may require more attention. At Riverbend Animal Hospital, we’re fully equipped to take care of small mammals, including rabbits and pocket pets.

Keeping Rabbits Healthy

We’re proud to take care of the unique needs of rabbits. Their needs can be simultaneously similar to traditional pets, but our experience and expertise provide them with quality care. Rabbits should receive annual wellness visits. Since they’ve been preyed on by many animals in the wild, they are genetically predisposed to hide pain and discomfort. If they showed any signs of illness, they appeared more vulnerable!

We offer tear duct flushes for rabbits as well. Call us at (413) 587-3737 to set up an appointment!