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Pet Urinary Tract Surgery

Is your pet experiencing bladder issues? At Riverbend Animal Hospital, we provide pet urinary tract surgery procedures to help pets in Hadley, MA.

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Pet Urinary Tract Surgery


Cystotomies are most often performed to remove stones from the bladder and urethra. Cystectomies are performed to resect tumors of the bladder wall.


The most common urethral surgery is the perineal urethrostomy, which we perform in male cats with urethral obstruction. We also perform scrotal urethrostomies in dogs to treat reoccurring bladder and urethral stones.


A nephrotomy is performed to remove kidney stones or remove a portion of the kidney for a biopsy. A nephrectomy is performed to remove a diseased kidney.


An episioplasty can help relieve chronic UTIs and skin irritation of the vulva.

Ectopic Ureter Repair

An ectopic ureter is a congenital defect that causes urine to travel through the ureter (tubes) and bypass the bladder, draining directly into the urethra. Repair involves re-direction of the ureter in the bladder.

Veterinary Services in Hadley, MA

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Riverbend Animal Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.