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Pet Referral Surgery Services

Dr. David Thomson covers the surgical needs of all Riverbend Animal Hospital patients. A team of three talented, highly trained, and dedicated anesthesia/surgery technicians assists him.

Through the surgical referral service at Riverbend Animal Hospital, Dr. Thomson consults and performs surgery for over 50 animal hospitals in western Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, southern Vermont, and eastern New York. A team of talented, highly trained, and dedicated anesthesia/surgery technicians assists him.

Our surgery department is one of the most advanced in western Mass, with state-of-the-art monitoring devices and surgical equipment. Even more important, we take pride in our thorough pre-operative screening, careful intra-operative anesthetic monitoring, and full peri-operative and post-operative pain management. In addition, we offer rehabilitation services with our CARP-certified therapist. We perform all types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery for animals, except those requiring 24-hour intensive care post-op. In those instances, we refer clients directly to an emergency veterinary facility or specialty hospital.


Pet Anesthesia

Pet Diagnostic Imaging

Pet Radiology

Orthopedic Surgery

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Oncological Surgery

Pet Oncological Surgery

Reproductive System Surgery

Pet Reproductive System Surgery

Ear & Eye Surgery

Ear & Eye Surgery

Oral, Airway & Neck Surgery

Pet Oral, Airway & Neck Surgery

Liver & Spleen Surgery

Pet Liver & Spleen Surgery

Intestinal Surgery

Pet Intestinal Surgery

Urinary Tract Surgery

Pet Urinary Tract Surgery

Hernia Surgery

Pet Hernia Surgery

Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Pet Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy


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