Great news! Dr Reagor has returned to Riverbend full-time! We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting new clients and, to better serve our community, offering same-day appointments, including urgent care services.

Pet Anesthesia

At Riverbend Animal Hospital in Hadley, MA, we understand that the thought of your furry friend undergoing anesthesia can be daunting. Our team is here to guide you through the process.

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a person holding a cat

Pet Anesthesia

Our skilled and experienced veterinary anesthesiologists are dedicated to ensuring the safest and most effective anesthesia protocols for your pets. With their expertise, we customize anesthesia plans based on each animal’s unique needs and health conditions.

Your pet’s safety is paramount, and we utilize advanced monitoring equipment to observe vital signs during anesthesia closely. From heart rate and blood pressure to oxygen levels and temperature, we keep a vigilant eye on every aspect of your pet’s health throughout the procedure.

Most patients are incubated and maintained on gas anesthesia. All patients are closely monitored throughout surgical preparation, surgery, and post-op recovery. We monitor pulse, respiration, temperature, EKG, blood pressure, CO2, and O2 levels. In addition, all patients are monitored visually — blink reflex, jaw tone, and strength of the pulse. Following surgery, all patients receive a series of post-operative injections for pain and anxiety and go home from the hospital with oral pain medication.