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Pet Reproductive System Surgery (Spays & Neuters) in Hadley, MA

Here at Riverbend Animal Hospital your veterinary team can help facilitate your pet’s spay or neuter.

Reproductive System Surgery

Reproductive System Surgery (Spays & Neuters)

Altering (spaying or neutering) is one way we keep our companion animals happy, healthy members of our community, as it has behavioral, medical and social effects. In males, it is castration, removing the testicles. In females, it is ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy, removing the ovaries and/or the uterus, also called a spay. Although altering is one of the most common surgeries in our cats and dogs, it is not always simple. We are happy to tackle the more complicated issues such as cryptorchid, intersex, or older or obese spays, as well as straightforward surgeries where the owner would like proactive pain control or closer monitoring.

Altering has social effects, as this country has a tremendous pet overpopulation problem; there are simply not enough homes for the many healthy pets. Altering also has behavioral effects that impact our neighbors; unaltered cats and dogs are more likely to roam, urine mark, and be aggressive. Medically, altering lowers the risks of some cancers and infections. However, the timing of altering is something we discuss with our clients, as research shows that delaying it can lower the risks of some other cancers and joint diseases in specific breeds. We like to educate and collaborate on the best choice for each pet and family as individual.