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Wellness Exams
Wellness Exams

Pet Follow-up in Hadley, MA

At Riverbend Animal Hospital, we understand your pets care doesn’t end when they leave our office. 


Pet Follow-up

For Riverbend Clients
Pre-op and post-op examinations are scheduled with Dr. Thomson. Once the pet has healed sufficiently from the surgery, care will be returned to the regular Riverbend doctor. All findings and treatment will be fully documented in the pet’s record and communicated directly to the regular doctor.

For Referral Clients
Dr. Thomson is dedicated to keeping the regular veterinarian informed at all times. He sends a report after every visit (pre-op exam, surgery, post-op exam). Once the pet has healed sufficiently from surgery, all care will return to the regular veterinarian.

We do not vaccinate referral patients or do any procedures other than for which the pet was referred. Before surgery, referral clients must sign a waiver stating that they will not transfer future care of this pet (or any others they may have) to Riverbend.