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Pet Ear & Eye Surgery in Hadley, MA

Here at Riverbend Animal Hospital we work hard to ensure your pets ears & eyes are in tip-top condition so they can continue to play all day!

Ear & Eye Surgery

Pet Ear & Eye Surgery

This is a surgical procedure used to open the ear canal. It facilitates the removal of some ear tumors. It also allows drainage and healing for severe ear infections.
Vertical Canal Excision
This procedure is used to remove more aggressive tumors of the vertical ear canal.
Ventral Bulla Osteotomy
This surgery allows removal of masses from the middle ear and drainage of middle ear infections.
Total Ear Canal Ablation
This is a procedure for removing aggressive tumors of the horizontal ear canal or middle ear, or for treating deeply seated, chronic ear infections. As a result of this procedure, the patient loses hearing in the treated ear.
Entropion & Ectropion Surgery
These are surgeries to repair eyelid deformities (usually congenital). The procedures resolve irritation to the cornea, improve function and appearance of the eyelid, and relieve pain.