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Climate Change and Veterinary Medicine

My purpose in being a Veterinarian is to advocate for animals to live comfortable lives.  This means educating their owners on preventing diseases, diagnosing illnesses, and physical needs.  I also mention global warming while educating our clients.  Although some might say a Veterinarian shouldn’t get political, I believe it is important to acknowledge that climate change is affecting our health, and our pet’s health, and then owners can take whatever actions they are able.  

When I discuss heartworm or tick prevention, and recommend year-round use of medications, I say “global warming means parasites are around more”.  When I discuss allergies, I also say “global warming means each year is different, and allergy season may last longer.”  I read articles a few years back about general science literacy in the US, and how few scientists the general public have direct contact with.  They do know doctors and veterinarians, but maybe not many other scientists.  Thus, I believe we need to be saying global warming in a calm, matter of fact way, not making it political but practical. 

Global warming isn’t always visible, but it is affecting all of us, and we all need to be thoughtful about what we can do, from our purchases to voting. 

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