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Climate Change and Veterinary Medicine

My purpose in being a Veterinarian is to advocate for animals to live comfortable lives.  This means educating their owners on preventing diseases, diagnosing illnesses, and physical needs.  I also mention global warming while educating our clients.  Although some might say a Veterinarian shouldn’t get political, I believe it is important to acknowledge that climate … Read moreClimate Change and Veterinary Medicine

Medical Acupuncture with a Favorite Patient


One of my most rewarding acupuncture patients is Dobby, a middle-aged Doberman mix. She has long-term neck pain, possibly lifelong. Her discomfort can manifest in different ways, with a curved back, limping on a front leg, or licking at a spot on a front leg. When she comes into Riverbend, she will stand still, waiting for me … Read moreMedical Acupuncture with a Favorite Patient

Reopening Slowly & Safely — 08.2021

Every single one of us at Riverbend appreciates how understanding and gracious you have been during this time of limited appointment availability, curbside visits, and Covid screenings. We have worked diligently to stay safe and well so we can be here for our patients. The exciting news is that we are allowing one owner into … Read moreReopening Slowly & Safely — 08.2021

Curbside Service during Covid-19

Curbside Service during Covid-19

During this pandemic, everyone is doing curbside service-restaurants, stores, even your veterinarian. Curbside service is a practice that most veterinary clinics have started during this time. As essential services, we have worked hard to stay open to serve your pet’s needs during this difficult time and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has recommended curbside … Read moreCurbside Service during Covid-19

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