Curbside Service during Covid-19

June 22, 2020Donation Stories
Author: Sharon Sweeney, CVT

During this pandemic, everyone is during curbside service-restaurants, stores, even your veterinarian. Curbside service is a practice that most veterinary clinics have started during this time. As essential services, we have worked hard to stay open to serve your pet’s needs during this difficult time and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has recommended curbside to cut down on the risk of infection.

Here’s how curbside works at Riverbend. When you get to the hospital, park in a numbered space. The numbered parking spaces are located along the side and back of the building. It is shadier there to protect you from the sun and a quieter from the bustle of Route 9. Call us to check in. The Front Desk Crew will ask for your phone number and what space you are parked in. After that, a nurse or doctor will get on the phone to chat with you for a few minutes. Someone will come out to your car to bring your pet in.  Please be wearing a mask while interacting with us. We ask that dogs be out of the car, wearing a well fitting collar, and be on a leash, cats in a sturdy carrier. For dogs, we want you to hang onto your leash so we will use a slip lead to bring your dog in. After the exam, the doctor will call you and discuss your pet’s findings. The Front Desk Crew will book any needed follow-up visits and take your payment via credit card over the phone. Then we will bring your pet back to you.

We understand it is scary sometimes having your pet inside without you. Let me reassure you, most pets have been doing great for their visits! As always, we snuggle them and give lots of good treats to make the visit a positive one. If you pet is very anxious after the visit, we may bring them back out to the car right away to help alleviate their stress.  It’s because of this that we ask you to stay for the duration of your pet’s visit. Please don’t drive away or do errands while your pet is in the building. We are also working on video chat to use during your appointment.

Our team is working had to be safe and to take care of you and your pet. Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s care!





“And the treats! How can we forget those? His favorite part!”

Lee, Leverett

“You guys are truly special people. The world would be a better place if there were more like you.”

Laurie, Conway

“The best pet care around and the nicest staff. Happy to bring my best friend here for needs and care. Thank you!”

Matt, Easthampton

“This is a huge hug being sent to everyone of you at Riverbend who makes it feel like family and friends there.”

Karen, Agawam

“We feel privileged to have Micah in your capable and caring hands. We look forward to a long, long, long, healthy life with Micah.”

Maggie and Elizabeth, Northampton