Two little kittens with big problems

November 26, 2012Surgery
Author: David S. Thomson DVM

Piff and Phoenix were brought to Riverbend about a week apart. They were a lot alike . . .
talkative, incredibly cute little grey kitties with big personalities and big problems to match.

Piff could not poop. Phoenix could not pee. Not good problems, but to look at these kitties attacking their tails, leaping at toys, purring constantly, wolfing down food . . . you wouldn’t think they had a care in the world.

Piff’s condition was atresia ani. She was born without an anus and was badly blocked, as there was nowhere for the feces to come out. In surgery, we built her a new anus, and she is now able to poop. The sweet little kitty is not out of the woods by any means. She will need more surgery to close a fistula between the rectum and the vagina, and it’s not clear yet if she has control of her defecation. But little Piff is oblivious to all this. She has gained weight and is bouncier than ever.

Phoenix had a urethral obstruction secondary to trauma to his penis. It appeared that his littermates had chewed on his penis. His bladder was tangerine-sized and rock hard, and the scrotal area was swollen to three-times normal size. When he tried to pee, nothing came out. In surgery we performed a sex-change operation, removing the penis and opening up the urethra. After surgery, Phoenix ate a big dinner, and he went home the next day, peeing up a storm.

A good couple weeks for two little grey kitties here at Riverbend!

“We love Riverbend. The staff is the best, everyone is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They also keep great records, which is helpful if you are not great at record-keeping, yourself.”

Sharon and David, Sunderland

“Magic could hardly wait to burst through the door to see you…a true testament to the kindness and care she got at Riverbend. Thank you for being such an amazing bunch…to Magic and to me.”

Bobby D, Northampton

“You were there for me through every crisis and saved his life three years ago, so that we had more time together.”

Mady, Amherst

“The communication, education and attention given to the pet owners before, during and after the surgery is so appreciated by our family.”

Lee Ann, Union, CT

“Thank you for keeping Tucker’s world from being boring. You are a gift in our life!”

Amy, Greenfield