Welcome to our new website!

June 7, 2012Riverbend Tales
Author: David S. Thomson DVM

How excited we are to have this bright, new way of sharing with you. We have worked hard the last few months writing, photographing, organizing, rewriting. We hope you will find our site easy-to-navigate, full of information, and even entertaining at times.

With Riverbend now in its 13th year, we continue to be proud of what we are doing here. We’ve grown from a small operation (with one doctor, me) to our current staff of 15 (with four doctors). The hospital itself has expanded in size and in hours. And now we have this beautiful new website. With all the growth and change, however, we remain fully committed to our mission . . . to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care in a warm, comfortable, compassionate setting.

So keep us on our toes. Let us know if we let you down in any way . . . that’s how we can get better. And of course, you can also let us know if we do something grand . . . that makes us happy and encourages us to keep striving.

“You have made us smile when we were down and have offered Spencer a much better quality of life!”

Linda and Edward, Southwick

“I’ve been to four different vets in the area looking for the one place that cares about my pup as much as I do. I found that place at Riverbend! I have been blown away by their level of professionalism, kindness, empathy and support. I will be forever thankful!”

Michael, Northampton

“How could so many awesome people work under one roof? I guess it starts at the top. Years ago when David left Rowley, it was a no-brainer to follow him to Hadley.”

Rich, Kathy and Zuzu, Monson

“Two bum knees is not a fair hand to be dealt. After her surgeries, Ivy now tears across the yard!”

Dave, Wilbraham

“You helped me become strong; you helped me walk and you eased my pain and gave me so much love and attention and the BEST COOKIES EVER!”

"McCoy", Northampton