Missing Tyrone

June 26, 2012Riverbend Tales
Author: David S. Thomson DVM

Tyrone was a special cat. He arrived here in March 2000, just 3 months after we opened. Nearly blind and very scrawny with a terrible upper-respiratory infection, he was rescued from a shelter where he was scheduled to be euthanized. He may have been about a year old, hard to tell. But we saw that there was something special about him…a strength and a stillness. And he had a big handsome fluffy head. We fell in love, and Tyrone moved in.

For the next 12+ years, Tyrone pretty much ran the show. He was a totally self-assured cat…nothing fazed him. Yowling, slashing cats…lunging, snarling dogs…no problem. They all recognized Tyrone’s quiet authority and left him alone. Or else they were just so baffled by this crazy cat who was scared of nothing and just stood there. Tyrone could never see very well, so maybe he was oblivious to the dangers around him…but I don’t think so. He would saunter up nose-to-nose with a growling dog, and nothing would happen. The dog would sit back, puzzled. Tyrone might then gently bat the startled patient on the nose, brush the owner’s leg with his tail, maybe pause for a scratch behind the ears, and wander off.

Tyrone was Riverbend’s official greeter, patrolling the waiting room, snoozing at the front desk, shambling in and out of exam rooms. He was also the doting nursemaid to any stray kittens who came through our doors, best friend to Amelia, and beloved fellow employee to all who’ve worked here at Riverbend. He had a good life. And he made our lives good, too. We all deeply miss our Tyrone.

“Two bum knees is not a fair hand to be dealt. After her surgeries, Ivy now tears across the yard!”

Dave, Wilbraham

“Lovely place and friendly staff! My little old lady is more active than ever!”

Filipa, Hadley

“I asked my mom to write and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you today. Thanks for being so nice to me. I can’t wait to see you again. Purr, purr, purr!”

"Lucy", Holyoke

“You have always treated her exceptionally well, and despite her being so “special” she loved all of you and you loved her back.”

Jim and Rosalee, Granby

“We could not be more thankful that Giacomo chose you as his vet!”

Aaron and JoAnn, South Deerfield